Make Fluoride a Regular Component of Your Smile

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If you would like to better care for your oral health and be very vigilant in keeping your tooth enamel strong and healthy, we invite you to ensure your smile is regularly exposed to fluoride. Fluoride can revitalize your smile by strengthening tooth enamel to keep dental problems at bay.

When you expose your teeth to fluoride, this helps to perform a process known as remineralization, in which lost microscopic minerals in the enamel are replaced to prevent tooth sensitivity or tooth decay.

Any signs of tooth decay or tooth sensitivity should be reported to our dentist and team as soon as possible so that we can schedule a time to correct these issues and provide fluoride treatment to prevent problems in the future.

The process of fluoride treatment may involve pouring highly concentrated fluoride gel into a tray that you will wear for a few minutes in your mouth during a dental checkup. Following this treatment, you may need to avoid eating for about half an hour so that  the tooth enamel can properly receive the fluoride.

You can also protect your smile from brushing with fluoride toothpaste and limiting your consumption of acidic foods and drinks. Please feel free to call 423-663-4444 today and arrange a time to speak with Dr. Spencer Ellis, our dentist, at Ellis Family Dentistry to discuss fluoride treatment in Huntsville, Tennessee.