The Steps of Maintaining a Lifelong Smile

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Taking proper care of your smile is necessary to prevent dental health problems like tooth decay, bad breath and gum disease. With proper oral care, your natural smile can actually last a lifetime, even as you age.

It is a common belief that teeth age as we do, but the truth is that our smiles can actually last for years. Because teeth contain an incredible strength, they have the ability to stay in good shape with the assistance of effective dental care.

An important step in keeping your smile is maintaining a healthy diet that helps preserve your teeth. The balance of good and bad bacteria in your mouth can be upset by eating a lot of unhealthy food, which results in more bad bacteria that causes a buildup of plaque and can lead to harmful dental problems such as gum disease and tooth decay.

Conversely, it’s important to address poor dental habits such as grinding your teeth so that they don’t become worn down and weaken your tooth enamel, resulting in a heightened risk of gum disease. The development of gum disease can result in even weaker teeth that are vulnerable to other health concerns.

If you take any prescription medications, we encourage you to speak with the dentist about any negative side effects that could result in health complications such as oral health problems. If needed, our dentist can collaborate with your doctor to adjust your medication to better care for your smile and protect your general health.

By taking steps now to keep a healthy diet, maintain your oral hygiene and visit the dentist twice a year, you can have a healthy smile for a lifetime. To learn more about preserving an aging smile in Huntsville, Tennessee, please contact Ellis Family Dentistry at 423-663-4444 to speak with Dr. Spencer Ellis.