What Are Custom Whitening Trays?

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A custom whitening tray is a means of teeth whitening that you can perform in your own home, but in a more professional way. We provide you with them at our office and help you learn how to use them so you can have a pearly smile.

The treatment works by applying a whitening gel to your teeth with the help of an oral appliance, namely the tray. You might compare the tray to a plastic retainer, except it has a different purpose. Using impressions of your teeth, we model the tray so it fits snugly and holds the gel to your teeth.

While using the gel, if you notice tooth sensitivity or irritation in your gums, there is no need to worry. Tooth sensitivity can sometimes happen, but not always. It should not be anything to worry about as it should be temporary. The gel can only irritate the gums if they come in contact, which you can avoid by carefully handling the gel and the tray. If it does irritate your gums, it should also be momentary and more of a minor annoyance than anything else.

We are happy to present custom whitening trays to you here at Ellis Family Dentistry in Huntsville, Tennessee, if you would like to try them out. Our dentist, Dr. Spencer Ellis, can instruct you on how to get the best results from this treatment. Please call us at 423-663-4444 to schedule an appointment.