The precision and control of piezoelectric surgical system at Ellis Family Dentistry are eliminating the risks of dental surgery. Your treatment process and recovery time are improved, as well as the efficiency of Dr. Spencer Ellis’s work through the use of PIEZOSURGERY® in Huntsville, Tennessee. You are welcome to call 423-663-4444 if you have questions about this technology, or to visit with our dentist.

If your dental procedure requires cutting bone, our dentist may recommend PIEZOSURGERY® to help avoid damaging any soft tissues and make your procedure more comfortable. PIEZOSURGERY is an advanced technology that relies on ultrasonic micro-vibrations to efficiently cut through bone tissue without causing damage to any surrounding areas. This eliminates the risk of tissue and bone loss and enhances the precision and comfort of your treatment.

Benefits of PIEZOSURGERY include:

  • Increased accuracy due to the highly site-specific nature of the technology
  • Minimal damage to the soft tissues surrounding bones, such as arteries, nerves and sinus membranes
  • Enhanced comfort — the minimally invasive nature of PIEZOSURGERY technology reduces swelling, bleeding and pain both during and after your treatment
  • Accelerated healing following treatment
  • Increased safety

PIEZOSURGERY was developed for oral surgery, implantology and periodontics. Our dentist may use PIEZOSURGERY for procedures such as tooth extractions, crown lengthening, periodontal therapy, implant site preparation, ridge expansion and more. By using PIEZOSURGERY, our dentist can not only perform more accurate, comfortable and effective procedures but also many procedures which may not otherwise be possible to provide.

For more information about PIEZOSURGERY and to schedule a consultation with our skilled dentist, we invite you to call our office today.

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